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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   2010-01-18, 9:07 pm

This system contains different moves, like Scratch and so on...

It's simple. All you have to do is chose a move and see if it's above of below 3. If It's below 3, it means it wasn't effective or you missed your opponent.
If above 3, you hurt the opponent, and they take away the amount of HP points .

Fleeing and Threatening are numbered differently. They're 10. So if below 5 and above 5 so on, so on... Threatening doesn't take away HP, but it doubles they amount of taking away HP the next turns. Fleeing is when you can't fight anymore, 'cause you're all out of HP. (There's no SP in this.) And if you get below 5, you have failed to run and you keep fighting. Above 5, you get away.


Scratch 2
Bite 4
Ear rip 5
Scruffshake 6 (Also stuns for 2 turns)
Threaten 2 (If above 5, you double your taking away of HP for every move each time.)
Stomp 4 For horses only
Flee 0 (If above 5, you run away, below stay and fight.)
Kick 3 For horses only
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Battle System
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