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 Daisy's hunt

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PostSubject: Daisy's hunt   2010-01-17, 11:10 pm

Daisy awoke from her afternoon nap. She padded over to her food bowl, filled with 'Kibble.' She stared down at her food without an appetite and walked away from it with disgust. She ran out her doggy-door for her afternoon patrol outside in the corrals. "While I'm out here, I might as well catch a meal." She walked across the soft grass of the meadow, until it turned to thick, undergrowth and brambles; she was in the forest. Daisy walked around for a while, looking for something to prey on, thats when the scent of squirrel stung her nose like a bee. It was so strong and close. It was only a matter of heartbeats before Daisy found the small creature at the roots of an old beech tree. She crouched low on her paws and stalked towards it. stupidly she crunched down a stick with her big paws. The squirrel turned around, its bushy tail sticking out on all ends. It took off within the blink of an eye. "Aargh!" She yelled with frustration. "Well this one is not going to get away!" She raced off after the squirrel; clumsily tripping over roots, brambles and undergrowth. She halted at a huge boulder, surrounded by prickly ivy and trees. On the boulder, the squirrel perched on the very top, looking at her with a gleam in its eyes as if it was saying; "Ha, ha, cant get me." Ears hot with frustration and anticipation, she climbed up after it. The squirrel turned around, getting ready to pounce, when she reached out with her teeth and grasped its tail. with her claws she ripped at its chest and killed it in a matter of seconds. Glad that she had finally killed it, she devoured it quickly. Satisfied, and agreeing that it was rather a tasty squirrel , she padded away back to the farm.
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Daisy's hunt
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